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8 Kid Friendly Games For Family Game Night

March 20, 2023 in KIDspiration, Positive Parenting - No Comments - 4 min read

8 Kid Friendly Games For Family Game Night

March 20, 2023 in KIDspiration, Positive Parenting - No Comments - 4 min read >/div>

8 Kid Friendly Games For Family Game Night

Family game nights are a great idea for family bonding with young kids and here is a list of some great kid friendly games for game night!

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If there is one piece of parenting advice that I can suggest in order to move through life with a well connected family it is to implement a family game night! Sitting around with your loved ones laughing and having fun is one of the purest ways to bond with your children and them with you. We try to keep the family fun factor high in our house so family game night happens often! Kid friendly games are plentiful these days which makes getting everyone involved easy. While days can become hectic I wanted to inspire you all to make having fun as a family a priority with these 7 kid friendly games for family game night! 

Benefits Of Family Game Night 

The simple fact is that by getting together as a family for a game night even once a week bonds you together and creates a feeling of togetherness. But besides the bonding that can happen during family game night a lot of other learning and brain development can occur too! Your child can learn to take turns, create a strategy and even use their imagination! They can be learning without ever even realizing it! THIS one of the many reasons I love having a game night together. While we play games for pure fun I can also add in ones that inspire learning and development as well. 

I love family game nights for the reasons above. While family game nights offer a great bonding experience for the entire family, they offer so much educational benefits to toddlers and kids, which makes them even more necessary for families with little and big kids!

A few benefits of family game night that are important include (but aren’t limited to): 

  • Family Communication Skills: Your child learns the loving skill of talking candidly with their siblings and parents. Most kids open up the most while they’re doing other things (like driving with you in a car etc.) 
  • Family Connection: Put the ever so present individualized activities (computers and ipads) away and enjoy true family connection by being together and playing a game. Take this time to reconnect with everyone as a whole! 
  • Practical Life: This is a big Montessori household term. Learning practical life skills is just as important as academic skills. Playing games fosters just this. Children learn to take turns, follow directions, learn how to make a mistake and recover, strategize and even learn how to lose gracefully! Yes, losing is a very important practical life skill and what better way for a child to learn how to handle their emotions than with their parent or guardian by their side! 
  • Memory Maker Opportunity: Research has shown that children who have a rolodex (for lack of a better term) of positive memories in their brain bank have better long term relationships with their family members. So get to playing and get those positive memories building up for your children! 

7 Kid Friendly Games For Family Game Night

  1. The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Toddler & Preschool Board GameThis is a fun game for even your youngest tots and it is one we always love including the twins (2yo) in with us! 

  2. Chuckle & Roar Family Charades: A classic that is always a blast! Act, shout and have fun being silly with your family! This really gets families having fun!
  3. UNO: Another classic but it is one that we ALWAYS love playing! Color and number recognition for younger children is a great part too! Plus strategizing and thinking ahead occur too! 
  4. Guess In 10 Series (Animal Planet): This whole series is filled with fun skillmatics education hiding behind the fun of the game! While some of them are geared towards older kids we LOVE the Animal Planet one for our family! 
  5. Sight Word Bingo: Bingo is always fun and this lets you work on sight words in the process! 
  6. Count Your Chickens: Looking for a cooperative game to include even the youngest members of the family? This one is great to get everyone working together! 
  7. Rory’s Story Cubes: Talk about a fun brain building and interactive game! This one is it! Let kids use their full imaginations as you tell stories on que guided by the 6 dice you roll each turn! 

I hope these games get you started on a fun new tradition of family game nights! Enjoy!

Looking for a game for distance learning or homeschool activities? Check out my Free Number Bonds Game Worksheet here!


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