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Best Beginner Reading Sets For Early Readers

April 30, 2023 in Motherhood - No Comments - 2 min read

Best Beginner Reading Sets For Early Readers

April 30, 2023 in Motherhood - No Comments - 2 min read >/div>
Best Beginner Reading Sets For Early Readers, beginner books for kindergarten , beginner reading sets

Best Beginner Reading Sets For Early Readers

If you have an early reader, this list of the best 11 beginner reading sets for ages 3-5 and older should help your young child to read!

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About Finding the Best Beginner Reading Sets for Early Readers

It’s an amazing feeling for both parents and children when they start to read. Literacy opens up the doors for endless imagination and fun.

With two young readers myself I have found that there is a wide variety of true beginner reader books/series and they’re not all created equally!

I am excited to share the best beginner reading sets for early readers that have truly helped my girls flourish!  

My biggest pet peeve as mom has been the disproportionate range in what companies are calling “beginner readers.”

We have received our fair share of “beginner” books that have been far too complicated for even my above grade level first grade reader.

I have set out to find the perfect collection of books to truly inspire my children to love literature without being discouraged.

A true beginner book is compiled of repetitive words and sentence structures so children can feel confident while learning.

My list below goes in order of my own opinion and experience. It starts with preschool level through kindergarten/first grade levels towards the end. 

Best Beginner Reading Sets for Early Readers

#1 Bob Beginner Readers 

This series of books have been a winner from the beginning. Easy to read sentences and cute images to help the reader along. Each book builds on the last and these give readers such confidence! 


#2 The Good And The Beautiful Beginner Sets 

beginner books for kindergarten, Best Beginner Reading Sets For Early Readers

This series builds off the Bob series but with much cuter illustrations! The reading level is on point for beginner readers and will truly engage your little ones!


#3 Penguin Young Readers, Level 1

These young readers books are the best single leveled books I have found! Many in the category say they are level 1 but are truly not. These Penguin Young Readers are on level as described! 

How To Store All Those Books:

Shop the Card Box Used HERE! If that is sold out in your area, THIS would work too!

I hope these help your young readers blossom! Enjoy!

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