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3 Quiet Time Activities For Preschoolers

February 14, 2019 in KIDspiration, Motherhood, Uncategorized - No Comments - 3 min read
quiet time, quiet time activities, transition to no nap, toddler quiet time, preschooler quiet time

3 Quiet Time Activities For Preschoolers

February 14, 2019 in KIDspiration, Motherhood, Uncategorized - No Comments - 3 min read

3 Quiet Time Activities For Preschoolers

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No parent looks forward to the day that nap times become extinct but alas that day does eventually come. However, I am here with some good news for the parents, just because naps are a thing of the past doesn’t mean your nap time hustle has to be lost with it! I have two now who have outgrown their afternoon nap but we quickly established a set quiet time in its place. Here are my 3 favorite quiet time activities for preschoolers to replace the time where their nap once filled.

Quietly playing with her Haba Little Friends Wooden Treehouse

My Quiet Time Philosophy:

First, I will just explain what quiet time means to us. Full disclosure: this time looks a little different now that we are on our OIT allergy desensitization journey but I can explain more about that later – if you follow me on Instagram you generally know what I mean by this. But essentially quiet time for us before that was a time when the girls were required to be calm and separated. Lola in her room and Johanna in ours. They could play quietly but they were not allowed to leave their areas. Sometimes an occasional nap would occur but most the time they just had some individual play time. You can do quiet time together if you please as well! This time is meant to let them rest a bit but also allow you as the stay at home parent (or if it is the weekend for working parents) have some time to yourself because this is important too!

You can see our general full scope daily schedule here (which includes what the twins’ day looks like as well and how they fit into it all.


My 3 Quiet Time Activities For Preschoolers


Method: Create quiet time toy boxes that you can rotate – I like to give variety and create somewhat of a map for my children as to what I expect of them so it doesn’t become a hassle and a free for all. I found that by creating boxes of quiet time activities I could set a couple in their rooms each day or even every couple days to create a more structured time that offers variety. My boxes are usually along the lines of Play, Read, Solve.

quiet time, quiet time activities, transition to no nap, toddler quiet time, preschooler quiet time
Doing our quiet time together

PLAY: When it comes to the play boxes for quiet time I like educational based play as they usually can be just as fun but offer your little one’s mind some educational based fun. Both my daughters’ absolute favorite activity to date has been our Shape Mags box. Shape Mags are designed to build STEM skills and they offer many ways to play. Shape Mags also helps to build cognitive skills as well because there is a lot of trial and error through the process of building their creations. These are so versatile and we really have enjoyed them! What starts as a box of blocks ends as incredible three dimensional reality built by your child. With each creation their innovative thinking deepens and (with my girls at least) their creations become more and more impressive as they play! This is the ultimate example of a perfect educational yet fun quiet time activity to fill your “Play Box” with. // Clear boxes are from Target

quiet time, quiet time activities, transition to no nap, toddler quiet time, preschooler quiet timequiet time, quiet time activities, transition to no nap, toddler quiet time, preschooler quiet time

READ: My girls’ both love books so part of making their quiet time successful was having a little bin of books for them to choose from. A few of my favorites are: Max Rhymes / Princess Jo And Her Super Cape (unbiasedly haha) / I Can Do It Myself / Snuggle The Baby/ The Wonderful Things You Will Be

quiet time, quiet time activities, transition to no nap, toddler quiet time, preschooler quiet time
Lounging on their Nugget Comfort

SOLVE: For this I put a couple small puzzles together and I can change them out as I see fit. My girls love going through their favporie puzzles. Some of our favorties are the:


I hope this helps you transition from nap time to quiet time with your preschooler or to even establish a routine where there may not have been one! Enjoy!

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quiet time, quiet time activities, transition to no nap, toddler quiet time, preschooler quiet time
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