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My 5 Current Gym Favorites

June 16, 2016 in Lifestyle, Motherhood, Uncategorized - No Comments - 5 min read

My 5 Current Gym Favorites

June 16, 2016 in Lifestyle, Motherhood, Uncategorized - No Comments - 5 min read >/div>
gym favorites, gym flow, fun work out tops, work out pants, soft exercise pants, work out gear, orange theory

After having two kids back to back my body has encountered quite the beat down! A good beat down, a beat down of blessings but a beat down nonetheless! After being off the gym scene for longer than I care to admit I figured it was time to get back at it! I thought it would be fun to pass on my 5 current gym favorites to you all! So here they are, in no particular order…except maybe the first!

gym favorites, gym flow, fun work out tops, work out pants, soft exercise pants, work out gear, orange theory

  1. Lets start with the gym itself! Finding the motivation after a day with two tiny human dictators (that I love so much!) can be super hard. My non-parent friends are always looking at sites like, which give them access to a wide-range of different workouts and supplements, while I can barely find the time to go on the internet, nevermind get motivated enough to hit the gym. I had the gym membership to the local gym and I even have a treadmill and weights at home except I still never utilized either. So for me, making the gym fun and exciting yet challenging was exactly what I needed to get motivated! For that reason I bit the bullet, got over the sticker price for lack of a better term, and signed up for Orange Theory. I am SO glad I did! Every day class is different yet challenging and I can push my self hard or work at my own pace. And that is what works for me! I would say find a motivating environment where you can be excited to go and you’ll come to appreciate the working out part. I can’t even go to the bathroom alone so although it’s definitely not relaxing for me to go to the gym it certainly is my only true “me time.” We all deserve a little more of that! My goal was to start by going 3x a week and sometimes that’s all I can do (time wise) but others I look forward to sneaking in an extra day or two!
  2. Lets talk attire! Making friends as a mom is harder than it used to be when I was younger. Maybe I have grown to be more shy or maybe I’ve always been this way and it was just masked by the super outgoing friends I surrounded myself with in college but either way, it’s much harder for me now to be the one to “make the first move” but I have a found a way around that! The last few times I have worn a funny or stand out shirt to the gym someone always seems to make a comment about it! This then sparks a few minute convo on our way into class and from there your comfort level just seems to ease out! Not saying that I actually make true lasting friendships through this but it does break the ice and make your hour a bit more social and comforting. This shirt by Pave Your Own Path is my latest fav and it got all the rave at the gym! You can find it HERE.
  3. Sticking with the attire, I suggest some comfy pants/capris. There is nothing worse than the feel of rough pants against your sweaty skin. I have a few favorites right now! These “magic pants” (pictured above) by Brick Road Birgade are just that: MAGIC. SO buttery soft and fantastic. You can find them HERE. If you’re looking for some sure to stand out workout bottoms then head over to Zions Den Apparel. They have some great options that don’t lack quality as well! You can see their options HERE. And I can’t forget about Arabella Active either. They have a whole line of awesome workout gear that is sure to get you excited and motived. Check them out HERE.
  4. Ok, back to the nitty-gritty: Drink your water people! I am no gym, fitness or even health expert but I can tell you the single most important thing to do when working out, or even in general, is to hydrate! This “Drink Your Effing Water” water bottle by Glitter Sips is my current water bottle obsession. A fun reminder that I need to keep drinking no matter how bland it may seem. The back also offers hourly measurement reminders for your water intake. This was another huge hit at the gym! You can find it HERE!drink your offing water water bottle
  5. Protein/Green Smoothies! I’ve started to make a conscious effort to drink a protein shake or green drink once a day! I feel so much better and more energy just from doing so and it’s one easy way to make sure your body is getting the right nutrients to complement your work outs. I am not a beach body coach and I don’t sell it but I have been using Shakeology as my 3pm pick-me-up and it has done wonders for me! It holds me over and curves cravings as well as replaces my daily vitamins so I feel even better about drinking it! Whatever your choice of drink is I say make it a habit to have one a day! I am no medical expert but I can say it helps me to generally feel better after having one and it’s a way better option than my past go-to of pretzels. I always talk about what I’m eating and what new things I’m doing with my friends at the gym. My athlete friend that I train with sometimes was telling me about the verticle diet she is on to help build muscle. I don’t think that this diet will help me because I’m only trying to stay fit but if it interests you then you can read more about it here.

As I continue this push towards making the gym more of a routine in my busy mama filled life I will keep you all posted on more of my favorite things! I would love to know what some of YOUR current gym favorites are. Leave them below!!

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