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Capturing Each Step of The Way with Milestone Baby Cards

July 6, 2016 in Maternity, Motherhood, Uncategorized - No Comments - 2 min read
milestone baby cards, baby milestone cards, cards for babies, baby book

Capturing Each Step of The Way with Milestone Baby Cards

July 6, 2016 in Maternity, Motherhood, Uncategorized - No Comments - 2 min read

milestone baby cards, baby milestone cards, cards for babies, baby book

From the moment you lay your eyes on your baby you fall in love. Although long in the moment, you know these newborn days are short, as are all the days following and you want to capture them all. Their first time rolling over, crawling, first words and more. I will never apologize for the amount of pictures I take of my girls because I know they will cherish these memories just as much as I will someday. BUT what I do wish I had sooner was a fun way to remember exactly why I was taking a picture of that gummy little smile and when the photo was taken. Well it is one company’s mission to help us all in capturing each step of the way with these adorably illustrated baby cards. That company is called Milestone: The Original Baby Cards.

Milestone Baby makes documenting your baby’s first weeks and years in style and most importantly with ease! Their ‘Original Baby Cards’ are a set of 30 photo cards that you can use to document your baby’s first year and all the memorable moments that happen along the way. Simply add a card to your baby pictures and instantly time stamp a memory. After the original baby cards became a hit selling in multiple countries and in 19 languages the company went on to expand the line to help document more of your children’s cherished moments. Now they sell milestone cards for baby days, toddler-hood, first activities and even cards for twins and pregnancy! Talk about versatile!

milestone baby cards, baby milestone cards, cards for babies, baby book

We have two sets and love them both. The first is the ‘Original Toddler Cards’ specifically designed to highlight toddlers between 1 and 4 years of age. From learning to jump, throw and catch a ball, adventures and more these cards will carry you through documenting all those special moments. Simply fill in the date and take a picture of your little one together with the card and you’re set for memories in years to come. We also have the new ‘Original Activity Cards’ and have found them super fun to use! These cards cover a large range of firsts from first time going to the movies, first time on a boat or in the snow and other similar firsts. We keep these close by so we can document them as we go. These have been so fun for us all and have become a staple baby shower gift for all my pregnant mama friends.

milestone baby cards, baby milestone cards, cards for babies, baby book

Head over to Milestone Baby now and check out their wide variety of milestone cards and get to documenting memories today! Let me know which ones catch your eyes, I’d love to know!


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  • Today was a BIG day for our Lo 🎉 She graduated Peanut Oral Immunotherapy and is officially in maintenance 🥜😱 Her maintenance requires her eating 3 peanuts a day (her “dose”) and observing a quiet period (which we do first thing in the morning to get it over with!) then we will have her numbers retested in 6 months to see where they’re at. We can go on to challenge her tolerance from there! We may take her up to a maintenance dose of 8 peanuts as well depending on her numbers at that point which could clear her for free eating. Stay tuned! Either way as of now she is officially safe from accidental exposure or ingestion which is huge! This journey has been incredible. If any of you were around last summer when we ended up in the ER with her for a full blown anaphylactic reaction to a cross contaminated cupcake then you know how incredible her reaching this milestone is! She’s a tough one. This hasn’t been easy and it took a lot of patience and perseverance from her, which is a lot to ask of a 4 year old. When the Doctor gave her the certificate of completion her face lit up with joy! I loved seeing that 😊. Next up, Joie! She has 2 more “up-dose” appointments until she graduates from egg and peanut OIT! Wish us luck!! This mama will be happy to be done with the 3hr round trip drives each week to these appointments as well 👏🏼 #oitworks #oit #peanutallergy
  • First work, now play 🏰 Although play is still a lot of work 😅 Swipe to see what Disney with 4 little’s looks like! We did it hard today but the kids had the best time all in all (Bradley was not a fan of the fireworks which had to blast off right before we took this picture- ha!) Gosh I love this crew!✨ #sponsored #disneysmc #nowmorethanever
  • So about yesterday! It was an absolute dream to get to attend the Disney Social Media Celebration “On The Road” at @waltdisneyworld ✨ I got to share a room with SO many talented creatives. Some I have “known” for years on Instagram but have never actually met until then. It has always been a dream of mine to work with Disney and getting to partner with them on a continuous basis like this never stops amazing me! A dream come true 🏰 So never stop wishing upon a star ladies/gents because hard work and determination DO pay off! ALSO- any Star Wars fans here? We got to be some of the first to tour the Galaxy Edge in Orlando and let’s just say it was pretty out of this world spectacular 🌌 #punintended // #disneysmc #nowmorethanever #sponsored
  • Goofy called me to coordinate outfits for today so I obvi said yes ✨ #sponsored #disneysmc #nowmorethanever

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