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Parody Video: Mom Bosses- We Work From Home

September 9, 2016 in Motherhood, Uncategorized - No Comments - 6 min read

Parody Video: Mom Bosses- We Work From Home

September 9, 2016 in Motherhood, Uncategorized - No Comments - 6 min read >/div>

If you have turned on your radio in recent months then I am willing to say you have probably heard the song, Work from Home, by the group, Fifth Harmony. It’s a catchy tune featuring another popular rapper, Ty Dolla Sign. With a super sultry and seductive feel to the song it was made to be about a woman making a man not want to leave the…I’m going there…bed. But as a mom of two young girls 16 months apart, small business owner, blog owner and entrepreneur my first thought after hearing this song was neither sultry NOR seductive. I immediately had flash through my head of all the hard working mom bosses I have had the pleasure of meeting within my networking circle. The late nights, the coffee, the nap time hustles, the ACTUAL working from home that goes on behind the scenes of our brands to keep our businesses going and stand out in such a flooded market. I’ve seen parody videos done before and I immediately thought we needed to band together and make this happen. Make it happen for our customers, for us and even for our sanity. At the end of the day we all need a good laugh and what better way than through music! Not many people are aware of the small business world even though it actually isn’t very small at all. Contract lifecycle management is an important aspect of the small business world, people often are surprised by how much support there is out there for small business these days. I am willing to bet half of our customers, subscribers and fans don’t even truly know what it looks like when you are buying from a small business and for that I knew this video needed to be made. Through this parody video I hope to shed some light on the hard working mamas behind these brands, who took their own leap of faith in an uncertain economy to start a business to support their families. None of this would be possible without our supporters so this video is for YOU! Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to live our dreams. It may not always be fun/easy working from home but these mamas wouldn’t have it any other way! Enjoy our video: Mom Bosses: We Work From Home!


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Want to know more about the awesome mamas involved in this parody, their businesses and why they wanted to be apart of this? Read below for more details:

NOTE: You can click through to each shop by clicking on their business name listed next to their actual names below.

Noelle Bryant (me!) (Oh Happy Play)

Monique Brown (Rags & Royal): We were so excited to be a part of this cool project and one of the main reasons was to partner with our fellow shop owners. One of the things that I love most about having a “small” shop is the community that comes along with it – at the end of the day we’re all women, and moms who want to see our dreams come to life! Stay connected with Rags & Royal on our Facebook page.

*Main singer* Ashley Marie (Mirando Brand Baby)

Devin Battersby (Zions Den Apparel)

Ashil Weatherby (Son & Moon Clothing Company): I wanted to be a part of this video to show all the madness that comes with owning a small shop from home but also to show the fun side of it! When most people buy something online I imagine that they have a vision in their head of what it looks like…a perfect organized set up, employees dressed to impress, and a workplace free of distractions. But this, the chaos you see in the video, this is it. A perfect disaster, which produces beautiful handmade products!

Ashlee Stewart (Five 18 Eleven): I wanted to be a part of this video to bring awareness to the handmade community! Being a handmade momma is a lot of hard work but if you love what you do it will pay off! Plus being goofy for this video is part of my personality!!!

*Chorus done by* Genevieve Curtis (Blush by Vieve): I’m so excited to be part of this project! The handmade world is amazing. I started my shop as a creative outlet for me and have learned so much! I’ve met so many incredible women and friends. It takes a lot of heart and time and it’s hard balancing the mom life and shop but seeing my customers use and love my products means so much and makes all the craziness and stress worth it. XO

IIana Deutsch Robinson (Hip Kid Apparel): We all see “awareness campaigns” often. They provide us with a small window into a world we can only imagine. The small business community is a world that many people may not even know exists. I partook in this video to help bring awareness to the issue of spending your dollars at corporate conglomerates vs. Spending on a small shop item, that has a face, a family, and likely a hilariously funny person running the show (I know we are!). We are the makers, and in some cases, the supporters of our families. It’s important to discuss how and where you can make a difference in your spending habits and hopefully this video will get people talking.

Melissa Maxwell Henderson (Mimi Makes): I am so excited to be a part of this hilarious video. What I love about buying Handmade is that you have the opportunity to make a connection with the maker. My customers are everything to me. It was so much fun taking part in this and giving you all a look into our silly side!!

Jacqueline Peterson (BellaRose Boutique): I wanted to be a part of this video because I feel like our customers as well as the rest of the public need a little peek into our world as SAHM/WAHM. It’s not as easy as everyone thinks!

Salin Voskanian (Dylan And Derek): I wanted to be part of this video because not only I wanted everyone to see all the hard work and crazy issues us small shop owners run into, but to have some fun as well!

Alexandrea Pollard Brey (Little East Threads): I wanted to be a part of this video to bring awareness to the small handmade shop community. I know that many people are not even aware that we exist. But we do and we are not doing this as a hobby but as a way to support our families. I started my business after having my 2nd son and having to leave my corporate design job and it has given me a chance to be home to raise my two sons both under 3. It’s tough but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Lauren Dudley (Squishy Cheeks): Squishy Cheeks loved being a part of this awesome team that created this little parody to shine a light on us handmade hustling, baby slinging, work-from-home, mamas!!! We bust our booties doing what we love for our wonderful customers, while providing a little extra $$ for our families. I wouldn’t trade it for anything! The support and teamwork inside the handmade community is amazing!! Make sure to check out our adorable goodies for your littles.

Alex Smith (This Is Mommy Life): This parody is a comical peek into small shop life; one that most people don’t know exist. Shopping small supports all of us tired, yet happy mamas busting out butts running our businesses all while being the glue that keeps our families together. Hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Gina Savala (Candy Couture Shop): I wanted to be a part of this amazing video because my family thinks this little thing i do is a hobby and my customers think i can hand make their items in one day with the rest of the 50 order i got that day. I want people to see we are real moms with a real business. We work hard, raise out kiddos, and never get a break. Being a SAHWM is hard work work work… follow me!

Monica McNeil Cherry (Baby Beans and Me): Baby Beans and Me was delighted to participate in this expose’ of the flip side of the pure chaos of operating a business inside your home. It’s not glamorous, our working wardrobe won’t win us any fashion awards and it requires working til all hours of the night. It’s tough to find balance when trying to get orders out with a baby on the hip and the toddlers into everything but we represent the heart and soul of today’s new entrepreneurial movement.


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