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SNOO Review – The Smartest Bassinet You’ll Find for Twins

May 7, 2018 in Motherhood, Positive Parenting - No Comments - 4 min read

SNOO Review – The Smartest Bassinet You’ll Find for Twins

May 7, 2018 in Motherhood, Positive Parenting - No Comments - 4 min read >/div>
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SNOO Review by Happiest Baby
The SNOO for two. Oh Happy Play, Florida Motherhood blogger shares the smartest bassinet you'll ever find! Check it out now!

SNOO Review – The Smartest Bassinet You’ll Find for Twins

| This is a sponsored post by SNOO. All insights are 100% my own.|

One thing every new parent has in common is the indescribable need for sleep! When you’re in the thick of the newborn days getting your baby to sleep decent stretches so you can rest is priceless. All over the globe parents are on the search for the latest greatest products that can help their baby sleep better but the problem is a lot of the options out there aren’t considered safe sleep practices (such as swings etc.) For this reason parents usually end up falling short on finding something that is safe AND works! That is where the SNOO by The Happiest Baby comes in and this SNOO review will share why it’s the best choice for newborns!

SNOO Bassinets for Twins - SNOO review

What is the SNOO?

The SNOO is the world’s first smart sleeper that actually boosts a baby’s sleep by imitating the sensations of the womb! It was developed by Dr. Karp who is a renowned pediatrician best known for his book, “Happiest Baby on the Block” which utilizes the 5 S’s to turn on your baby’s calming reflex on their own. The SNOO is designed to do just that ALL ON ITS OWN! It combines the swinging motion and white noise to soothe your baby as you the parent would naturally do but it is engineered to respond on its own. It is designed to react to the increase in your child’s cry in order to soothe them back to sleep. Their main goal is to help parents sleep more and create a safe and soothing environment for babies to sleep as well!

SNOO Bassinets for twins  - SNOO review

SNOO Review / Our Experience with the SNOO:

SNOO Bassinet for Two - SNOO review

Before the boys were born I was contacted to be loaned two SNOO’s to try out for the boys once they arrived. I was SO excited to have this opportunity to be able to share this new innovation with my readers! I love that I have the ability to bring all my like-minded mama friends together and help YOU get the best bang for your buck when it comes to baby products. I know the price tag is a little overwhelming at first glance but they claim the investment equates to having a night nanny for about $6/day in the baby’s first 6 months of life. Well, I can be the judge of that! We actually DID have a night nanny during the week for the first 4 weeks after we brought the twins home and I can tell you she definitely cost more than $6/day to employ! What better comparison than that!

I will say that the boys have always been decent sleepers but there is no denying that they had their fussy points too! During the week when we had the night nanny I was able to get some decent sleep between nursing sessions but when it came to the weekends we were on our own! The SNOOS stayed put in our bedroom for that reason. I can honestly say that having them was huge for us! If I was working with one baby and the other woke up the SNOO would ease that baby until I could get to him, or even better put him back to sleep, making nighttime pretty smooth running for us! The SNOO works by recognizing the baby’s fussiness and responds with a gentle swing motion and the white noise. This increases as the cry increases then slows down once the baby has fallen back asleep. It really helped me determine if the baby was really hungry or just woken up for another reason.  I love how the swaddles attach to the bassinet so the baby is unable to roll over into an unsafe position. Safe sleep is huge for me and many don’t realize that swings and inclined sleepers are actually very unsafe for babies to sleep in overnight. With that said, I also know any sleep deprived parent will reach a point where they’d do anything for some sleep and that is just what the SNOO is designed to combat.

Baby In A Snoo

What I found most useful was having the SNOOs for the witching hour! I am a huge sleep scheduler (you can see our sleep routine here) so the witching hour usually consists of an afternoon nap. That nap happens to be the hardest nap of the day for us so the SNOOS really helped stretched their afternoon nap longer making time for me to cook dinner for my other two children AND keeping the boys from ever being in the over-tired state of mind.

I never felt like the SNOO replaced me in any way, instead I feel as though it helped me and was an “extra set of hands” to really guide the twins to a restful sleep. This is product that is very well made and does exactly what it is intended to. It’s a product that can be saved for future babies, or passed down to friends/family along the way! I am a huge fan of Dr Karp and I think he really hit it out of the ball park with this one!

The SNOO for two. Oh Happy Play, Florida Motherhood blogger shares the smartest bassinet you'll ever find! Check it out now!

Find out more about the SNOO here and feel free to ask my questions below!

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The SNOO for two. Oh Happy Play, Florida Motherhood blogger shares the smartest bassinet you'll ever find! Check it out now!
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