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The Ultimate Fairytale Inspired Shared Bedroom

March 21, 2018 in Decor, Uncategorized - 2 Comments - 7 min read
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The Ultimate Fairytale Inspired Shared Bedroom

March 21, 2018 in Decor, Uncategorized - 2 Comments - 7 min read

The Ultimate Fairytale Inspired Shared Bedroom

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fairytale room, girls room, shared room, shared kids room, shared kids, twin girls, girls room, dream room, little girl's room, princess room, whimsical room, beddy's beds, modern girls room, monochrome girls room, nugget comfort , oh happy play

Fairytale Inspired Girls Room

I never meant for our girls to share a room. In fact when we designed our future new home we designed the three bedrooms upstairs specifically for the girls to have their own space. We had two larger rooms for the girls then a third smaller bedroom with an ensuite designed for either our third baby or if our third was another girl we thought our oldest could have the room with her own bathroom in it. Well all that planning and perfecting changed with one little ultrasound (more on that here). Little did we know that third baby of ours would soon be TWO babies. When I found out we were expecting twins all our plans for the kids’ rooms in our new house went out the window because putting the twins in the smallest room up there didn’t seem to make sense. That is where we started toying with the idea of bunking the girls together and the boys together in the two larger rooms then having the third room be an extra space for the kids. We did some shopping around for beds, Revival Beds selection of luxury four poster beds definitely gave us some baseline inspiration for what bloomed into such a fantastic project. We decided to take that idea for a test run in our rental while we wait for our home to be completed. I am happy to share the girls’ fairytale inspired shared bedroom with you all now! And nothing feels like a fairytale more than saving money on my energy bills. Simply Switch got my friend a great deal! Check it out!

Wall Decor Girls Room

The Theme:

The girls are very into princesses and whimsical creatures so the theme was easy: Fairytale Inspired! I wanted a loose theme so that we didn’t get hyper focused on one thing but were able to incorporate a lot of their favorite things! I think we did just that!

The Fairytale Inspired Design:

Floor Beds Girls Room

Their beds play a major role in their bedroom. They may share a room but their fairytale inspired house frame beds are their own safe haven among the space. I wanted to make each bed its own little dream escape personalized just for them.

  • House Frame Floor BedsFREE DIY for these found HERE. More info on why we chose floor beds for our girls found HERE.
  • Zippered Bedspreads – These amazing bedspreads by Beddy’s Beds give them indepence to truly care for their space and keep it clean by offering them the ability to swiftly and easily make their own beds! Being able to do this independently puts a little fun into a normally mundane chore for the girls. They love to set their beds up by making it up with their favorite dolls and getting it all set for the next sleep each morning. What’s also great is that Beddy’s Beds supply bedspreads all over the world so no matter if you’re looking for bedspreads NZ or bedspreads UK you can get these delivered to wherever you live. Shop this beautiful DASH design HERE. Floor Bed Girls Room
    Name Sign Girls Room Name Sign Shared Room
  • NON-STICK Wall Decals – Since we are currently in a rental (not so patiently) awaiting for our home to be completed we went into this fairytale inspired design knowing this space would be temporary. I didn’t want to go through the effort of getting approval and painting their walls for such a short period of time BUT I did want to make the space pop still. That is where I came to find Urban Wall Decals! They are essential large NON STICK decals for any wall in your house that don’t damage the wall at all. We dressed up their wall with these watercolor polka dot wall decals and it totally transformed the space. One sheet covered this whole wall and I really think they make this whole space super magical. They were SUPER easy to put up and it took me maybe 20 minutes total. I can’t recommend these decals enough! You can shop them HERE.
  • Nook Mattresses- Pebble Twin Mattress – The mattresses are SO soft and SO comfortable! This is a hypoallergenic and organic mattress fit for your kids or guests of all ages! Fairytale Room Girls Room Floor Beds Girls Room
  • Baby Jives – Moon & Cloud Mobile for the perfect whimsical touch! Girls Shared Room Decor Girls Shared Room Decor
  • Happy Home Storage Bookcase – I wanted to give some separation to their beds but I wanted something functional for them as well. I found this bookcase at Buy Buy Baby and it was the perfect fit. It offers a place for their books and a few toys for them to have while they wind down in the evening. The little fenced in area at the bottom is a perfect place for them to put their stuffed animals (that they like to sleep with) in the morning as an easy way to keep them close but also keep their room clean. This piece is just as functional as it is adorable!
  • Decorated the bookshelf with some of our favorites including this adorable pom pom banner by Glam Banners.Bookshelf Girls Room
  • Dumbo’s Flight Artwork from Little Moon Dance – I wanted to make the theme of their room broad enough so I could include ALL of their favorite fairytale inspired things even if it wasn’t a typical thing, like the Dumbo ride at Disney! That ride may be their favorite thing in the whole world and having a reminder of it right over their beds makes them so happy. Wall Decor Shared Room

Wardrobe Station:

Wardrobe Station Girls Room

  • Throw Blanket on end of beds are by Buccio Baby and are the SOFTEST material ever, Custom make yours HERE.

The other side of the girls’ room features their wardrobe station where they can independently navigate their own clothes in the mornings. I am huge into creating spaces that are “Montessori approved” and this DIY Wardrobe station offers just that. You can read all about that HERE and download the FREE printables to create your own! I have since moved the station a bit to accommodate their new space but the function is just as much there.

DIY Wardrobe Station | Shared Room

  • Wardrobe buckets & case are found listed HERE.
  • Pom Pom Letters – These beautiful pieces are by Little Sparrow Co and not only do they add the perfect mix of color but they also help the girls remember whose side is whose when they go to pick out their clothes. I love when design also becomes functional and these Pom Pom letter pieces are the perfect touch. Customize yours HERE.Fairytale Inspired Shared Room
  • Mural – This mural is from Brookly and you can shop their amazing murals HERE.
  • Capsule Wardrobe – what makes this space the most functional is the use of a “capsule like wardrobe” for the girls. This means that they can mix and match their own pieces and essentially can’t go wrong. I turn to June & January for my girls’ capsule wardrobe. They have dresses, knit tights, socks, twirl skirts and more. They offer it all!Shared Room | DIY Wardrobe Station Girls Room Fairytale Room Girls

The Chill Zone:

Fairytale Room for Girls | Shared Room

The chill zone may be my favorite part! We are very strict when it comes to bedtime and then again in the morning when the girls are allowed to leave their room. We use the Sleeper Hero (read more on that HERE) to help dictate that for the girls (in their room when Sleeper Hero is red and allowed out when he turns green) but what makes this even more successful is the fact that they have an inviting space to hang when they’re not in bed! Ever since the girls started sharing a room they have been getting up earlier than the rest of the house and in order to combat that (because you know sleep is a hot commodity for parents) I created a space for them to stay occupied in their room until it’s time for everyone to wake up in the morning. You can read our entire day schedule with four kids under five HERE.

Shared Room | Oh Happy Play

The chill zone consists of this amazing Nugget Comfort foam couch which is probably their favorite part of the space. It’s so much more than a couch and the girls can be found either reading on it, playing with puzzles or completely turning it upside down and inside out to make castles and forts with it. And the BEST part is: that is exactly what it is there for!! A couch they are ALLOWED to have as much creative fun with as they want! The colors are the perfect pop for the space and is probably the best investment you can make for your kids room, play space or even your own living room. You can shop all the colors HERE. We went with Starfish and I couldn’t be more in love!

Florida Motherhood blogger, Oh Happy Play, shares the Ultimate Fairytale Inspired Shared Bedroom.   The girls’ fairytale inspired shared bedroom is easy to create!Florida Motherhood blogger, Oh Happy Play, shares the Ultimate Fairytale Inspired Shared Bedroom.   The girls’ fairytale inspired shared bedroom is easy to create!

This bookcase is my latest addition to the girls room and I LOVE it! Do you spy a ‘Princess Jo and Her Super Cape’ book in it!? It’s the perfect storage solution for us! I am so over books being thrown everywhere and this bucket style bookcase is exactly what we needed! You can find it at Target HERE.

Florida Motherhood blogger, Oh Happy Play, shares the Ultimate Fairytale Inspired Shared Bedroom.   The girls’ fairytale inspired shared bedroom is easy to create!

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into their girls fairytale shared bedroom! Pin this image below to share the inspiration! Comment below if you have any unanswered questions as well. Xo

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Florida Motherhood blogger, Oh Happy Play, shares the Ultimate Fairytale Inspired Shared Bedroom.   The girls’ fairytale inspired shared bedroom is easy to create!
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Photo cred: Kaley D Photography


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  • Caitlyn March 23, 2018 at 12:45 pm

    Where did you find the unicorn and princess castle throw pillows?

    • ohhappyplay March 23, 2018 at 3:28 pm

      Unicorn one was HomeGoods and Castle was @littlemoondance on Insta!

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